Country Quilters Guild Newsletter

2017 - 2018 Officers

President - Shirley Seifert
Vice-President - Cyndi Beres
Secretary - Carol Maltais
Treasurer - Karen Grace


Message from the President!

Dear Members,

Many new skills were learned by all who attended Hellemay’s College of Continuous Improvement Workshop. 95% of us learned that we were using our rulers, mats, and rotary cutter incorrectly. It took us a few tries but with Hellemay’s patience and guidance we were able to master the correct way to cut our fabric to insure an exact measurement. I learned that my ¼ in. foot was not an accurate ¼ in. Hellemay was able to correct it by moving the position of my needle and used an open foot to create a more accurate ¼ in. Thank you, Cyndi for finding and arranging such a valuable improvement workshop.

Our application was accepted to hold the 2018 Country Quilters Show at the new Senior Center in Pine Bush. Eight of us gathered on Sunday for our first Quilt Show meeting. Many topics were discussed regarding who, where, and what is going to fit in our new location. Your imput is welcomed and suggestions will be considered but needs to be supported by you joining the committee. It will take many more helping hands to present the quality show guests are used to seeing. There were more than 20 votes to hold a show in 2018. If your hand was raised please contact Judy Leiner for information on how you can help. Thank you Judy, for opening your home to us on Sunday. The snacks and cookies were much appreciated.

Many thanks to Barbara for putting together our Raffle Quilt. It is finished and out being quilted. Raffle tickets will be ready soon.

If you have not done so, please bring your guild membership application and $25 dues to the meeting.

**October 11th meeting will include several demonstrations to make assorted holiday ornaments, decorations and gifts. Copies and tracing paper will be available so you will be able to take home fresh ideas.


Meeting Minutes

There will be no minutes this month.


Note: Those on monthly refreshments are responsible to come early to set up & start the coffee. You will be required to clean up also. Half & Half, coffee and paper goods will be supplied and restocked by Sandy McKeon. Thank you all for providing this service to enhance our meetings.